Kuroshitsuji Musical II (Sub Español)

Hola! He pensado mucho si subir el vídeo o no, lo encontré con subs ingles y decidí traducirlo al español para verlo. Al final vi ...

Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Napisy pl

Film Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) 2014 ‧ Film fantasy/Mystery ‧ 1g 59m Data premiery: 18 stycznia 2014 (Japonia) Reżyseria: ...

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Musical

This is the preview of the Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) musical. It looks nice It seems that it was really good and that eveeryone could ...

The Black Butler Symphony (Classical/Epic OST Playlist)

Inspired by Sever's Fullmetal Alchemist Symphony I thought I would give my second favourite anime series the same treatment.

Ciel's Nyan & Woof compilation 🐾 Sebastian & Ciel funny moments 🐱🐶

Let's play a game how many times Ciel says nyan in this video? I guess this is what happens when I'm in the good mood xD ...

Kuroshitsuji Musical 2 Trailer 1

Sebastian (Yuya) is the King. (Of my heart.) Enjoy. I own nothing.

Kuroshitsuji Musical 1- Yes,My Load.avi

Kuroshitsuji Musical - Yes,My Load at Comicon Road V 29 Aug 2010.

Kuroshitsuji Musical 2 The Most Beautiful Death in the World English Subbed Part 10

The 2nd Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler) musical, with english subtitles. I don't take credit for the subtitles, as I just found this on a old ...

Kuroshitsuji Musical II- Shinigami haken kyoukai no theme Lyrics

[PLEASE READ]: NO COPYRIGHT INFRAGMENT INTENDED! English Lyrics (Ronald) We are the Shinigami Dispatch Society.


Cámara de los Secretos.... (Ábreme si te atreves) - - - - ¡Me has abierto! :o eres bien Malulo XD ¡Hola Nekos de todo el mundo!

Kuroshitsuji - Book Of Circus OST (Complete)

It is an honor for me to upload this OST, the third season of Kuroshitsuji. It was published in 2014. 01. book of circus (00:00) 02.

Anime Waltz Music - Soundtracks of Waltz 1 (Unblocked Version)

An unblocked version (since the other vid is blocked in some major countries). For those who have access to that vid, I've ...

Kuroshitsuji Musical 5: Tango on the Campania - Part Electric Shock [She is alive]

Live Action Stage Play Musical: Kuroshitsuji Musical 5: Tango on the Campania - Part Electric Shock [She is alive] ◁The Part of ...

Grell & Sebastian funny moments ‖ KuroMyu

Update: I've added English subtitles to make it even funnier. :) ~~~~ I really love these two Matsushita Yuya and Uehara Takuya ...

HBD and R-Rated song for Sebastian ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | William x Ronald | SebaCiel

Re-upload. added English subtitles and HBD song! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OMG *dies from nosebleed* This was the ...

The Ultimate Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji OST Collection (Soundtrack Medley)

It's my absolute pleasure to show to you my Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji medley, which combines a great portion of the tracks from ...